When We Don't Make Aprons...

We have a rule at the apron factory: Everyone must have at least two jobs. I don’t know if it’s the economy or just the creative, do-it-yourself mindset of the business but everyone in our little space does more than just make aprons.

Richard is a skilled barista at a local coffee shop, and amazing cook, and now has a new obsession with finding and fixing vintage sewing machines. The warehouse manager, Quick, is a degreed marine biologist. As we don’t have much marine life in the desert, she pursues her interests in coffee, is an uber-talented artist and also upcycles beer and soda cans into chain-mail type handbags and pouches.

And me? Well, I’ve mentioned I have a day job in public relations and am the communications officer for Arizona’s homebrew club. I’m also a freelance writer for Bite magazine covering, what else. Beer and coffee.

If you want to see us wearing our many different hats, stop by our “Aprons, Aprons, Aprons” pop up shop on Saturday. Richard will show off his coffee prowess making pour overs at our table, and we’ll have copies of the first issue of Bite for sale. And of course we’ll have plenty of those aprons, aprons, aprons.